What is Internet and mention some uses of Internet?

Question :

What is Internet and mention some uses of Internet?

internet, computer-based global information system. The Internet is composed of many interconnected computer networks. Each network may link tens, hundreds, or even thousands of computers, enabling them to share information and processing power. The Internet has made it possible for people all over the world to communicate with one  another effectively and inexpensively.

Companies, individuals, and institutions use the Internet in many ways.

  1. Companies use the Internet for electronic commerce, also called e-commerce, including advertising, selling, buying, distributing products, and providing customer service. In addition, companies use the Internet for business-to-business transactions, such as exchanging financial information and accessing complex databases.
  2. Businesses and institutions use the Internet for voice and video conferencing and other forms of communication that enable people to telecommute (work away from the office using a computer).
  3. The use of e-mail on internet has greatly speeds communication between companies, and among other individuals.
  4. Scientists and scholars use the Internet to communicate with colleagues, perform research, distribute lecture notes and course materials to students, and publish papers and articles.
  5. Individuals use the Internet for communication, entertainment, finding information, and buying and selling goods and services.

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