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Email Social Networking and eGovernance Services Question & Answer

Question : 1

What is a spam? Why has it become a big Internet issue?

Answer :

Spam email is a form of commercial advertising which is economically viable because email is a very cost-effective medium for the sender. If just a fraction of the recipients of a spam message purchase the advertised product, the spammers are making money and the spam problem is perpetuated.

Question : 2

What are the usage rules for effective use of social networking sites?

Answer :
  • Social media is everywhere these days, from personal to professional front. Social media has made it too difficult to remain entirely anonymous these days.
  • Whatever you do online, leaves a permanent foot print, called digital foot print.
  • Once posted these becomes part of public domain and hence are visible to anyone who looks for it.
  • Thus appropriate usage of Social media is very important and you must be aware that it may pose problems later if not used appropriately.
  • You should conduct yourself in a responsible way so that you can enjoy using it.
  • Be Authentic.
  • Use a Disclaimer.
  • Don‘t pick fights Online.
  • Don‘t use fake names or pseudonyms.
  • Protect your identity.
  • Always take publicity test when post something.
  • Respect your audience.
  • Respect other's sentiments.
  • Monitor comments.

Question : 3

Why are privacy settings of a social networking site so important?

Answer :

Privacy settings, present in most of the major social networking sites can be used by the user to adjust the visibility of their profile or of certain information on the profile. As a result, this could eliminate a certain amount of unwanted disclosures and upgrade the level of privacy of the profile.

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