Programming and Problem Solving through Python

Introduction to Programming Question & Answer

Question : 1
Why are logical errors harder to locate?

Answer :

in spite of logical errors presence, program executes without any problems but the output produced is not correct. Therefore, each and every statement of the program needs to be scanned and interpreted. Thus the logical errors are harder to locate.

Question : 2

Can nongraphic characters be used in Python ? How ? Give examples to support your answer.

Answer :

Yes, nongraphic characters can be used in Python with the help of escape sequences. For example, backspace is represented as \b, tab is represented as \t, carriage return is represented as \r.

Question : 3

What is a cross-platform software?

Answer :

A cross-platform software is a software that can run well on a variety of platforms like Windows, Linux/Unix, Macintosh, etc.

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