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CSS Framework Question & Answer

Question : 1

What is W3.CSS ? Explain 

Answer :

W3.CSS is a free and modern CSS framework published by W3school for developing responsive, mobile-first websites.  It is smaller and faster than similar CSS framework (Bootstrap). It is easier to learn and use.

It simply speedup the development of website.  W3.CSS is inspired from Google Material Design.  It includes only standard CSS. No jQuery or JavaScript library included in it.

W3.CSS helps in responsive designing of website which means designing of website in such a way that the contents of websites automatically fit and resize that makes the website looks good on all devices (PC, laptop, tablets or mobile phones) wherever it is opened. 

Question : 2

What are the ways of adding W3.CSS into webpage? Explain with its syntax. 

Answer :

There are two ways of adding W3.CSS into webpage

  • By using CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • By downloading W3.CSS file into local machine

By using CDN (Content Delivery Network)

The CDN of w3school can be used to link W3.CSS file into web page as following:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/4/w3.css">

The tag must be written in the head section of the HTML. It is obvious that internet connection must be needed for successfully delivery of W3.CSS file.

By downloading W3.CSS file into local machine

This is alternate way of adding W3.CSS into web page. First download the W3.CSS file into local machine, and then add it to the web page. To download W3.CSS file, follow the link: https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_downloads.asp

Now save the file into local machine and then add it in the head section of the HTML as: Here, the name of the W3.CSS file is “w3” and it is supposed that HTML and CSS file is on the same folder. If CSS file is on the other folder, then add path accordingly

Question : 3

What is W3.CSS?

Answer :

W3.CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. IT is developed by w3schools.com. It is used to create faster, beautiful and responsive websites.

Question : 4

What are the features of W3.CSS?

Answer :

The features of W3. CSS are as follows:

  • It is in-built responsive web designing.
  • It provides standard CSS. 
  • It is free to use.
  • It is inspired by Google Material Design.

Question : 5

What are the techniques to use W3.CSS?

Answer :

There are two techniques to use W3.CSS.
Local installation: You can download the W3. CSS file on our local machine and include it in to html.
CDN based: You can include the W3.CSS file into our html code directly from the CDN.

Question : 6

What are the classes of W3.CSS container? 

Answer :
  • w3-container
  • w3-red
  • w3-border
  • w3-teal

Question : 7

How can you use subclasses in W3.CSS?

Answer :

<div class="w3-row">
<div class="w3-col s2 m4 l3">
  <p>The text use 2 columns on small screen, 4 on a medium screen and 3 on a large screen</p>

Question : 8

What are the classes of W3.CSS card?

Answer :

The various classes of w3.card:

  • w3-card
  • w3-card-2
  • w3-card-4
  • w3-card-8
  • w3-card-12

Question : 9

What are the various table classes in W3.CSS?

Answer :

There are different table classes in W3.CSS:

a.  w3-table: It represents a basic table without any border.
b.  w3-striped: It is used to display a stripped table.
c.  w3-bordered: It is used to draw a table with a border across rows.
d.  w3-card: It is used to draws a table as a card.

Question : 10

What is the uses of W3.CSS image classes?

Answer :

a.  w3-image: It is used to represent a basic style image without any border.
b.  w3-circle: it is used to create circle image.
c.  w3-title: It is used to display the text over an image.
d.  w3-card: It is used to create an image as a card.

Question : 11

What is the difference between W3.CSS and CSS?

Answer :

CSS: It is cascading style sheet used for style the web pages, with help of css, you can style the web pages, websites, etc. CSS is a modern framework with built in responsiveness.

W3.CSS: It is CSS framework, build for responsive design, like bootstrap, that means you create responsive websites with help of W3.CSS. It is very easy to learn and quite fast for mobile application. 

It has in-built mobile responsive feature which helps you to make mobile responsive.

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