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LibreOffice Impress Question & Answer

Question : 1

What is a Slide?

Answer :

A slide is an electronic page that is displayed on a computer screen with multimedia effects. Slides are used to communicate information to the audience

Question : 2

Custom Animation

Answer :

Custom animation allows us to add different visual effects to a slide. Through animation effects, we can make our slide-show more interactive.

Question : 3

Action buttons

Answer :

Action buttons are communicative buttons which can be added on the slides to perform various actions during the slide show. For example: Forward, Home, Sound, End etc.

Action buttons become active during the slide show. Sound to an action button is optional.

Question : 4

What is Slide Master?

Answer :

A slide master is the topmost slide in the order of slides that provides common information to all the slides in a presentation.

The common information can be regarding the theme and slide layouts of a presentation. This may include the background, color, fonts, effects etc.

Question : 5

Slide Transition

Answer :

Slide transition is a special effect applied to slides when we display the next slide during a slide show. It determines how the current slide switches to the next. There are three types of slide transitions:

  1. Subtle
  2. Exciting
  3. Dynamic Content

Question : 6

Slide Show

Answer :

A slide show is an electronic presentation displayed on the computer screen with multimedia effects. It is a collection of slides arranged in a systematic order to communicate information about a particular topic.

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