The basic Model of computation

The basic Model of computation

Problem definition:

A problem definition involves the clear identification of the problem in terms of available input parameters and desired solution.

Approach towards solving the problem:

After a problem is identified, the user needs to implement a stepbystep solution in terms of algorithms.

Graphical representation of problem solving sequence:

This step involves representing the steps of algorithm pictorially by using a flowchart. Each component of the flowchart presents a definite process to solve the problem.

Converting the sequence in a programming language:

Converting the graphical sequence of processes into a language that the user and the computer can understand and use for problem solving is called programming. After the program is compiled the user can obtain the desired solution for the problem by executing the machine language version of the program.

Qus. 1 : Each module should also be divided into sub modules according to software engineering and programming style.

  1. Top down method
  2. Bottom up method
  3. Coding
  4. None of the above
Qus. 2 : Which of the following software is required to run the hardware?

  1. Task Manager
  2. Task Bar
  3. Program Manager
  4. Device Driver
Qus. 3 : Which of the following is not an advantage of using modules?

  1. Provides a means of reuse of program code
  2. Provides a means of dividing up tasks
  3. Provides a means of reducing the size of the program
  4. Provides a means of testing individual parts of the program
Qus. 4 : The brain of computer system is

  1. RAM
  2. CPU
  3. ROM
  4. Control Unit
Qus. 5 : The correct extension of the Python file is

  1. .py
  2. .pyth
  3. .python
  4. none of these
Qus. 6 : Other name of Pseudo code

  1. False Code
  2. Representation of Code
  3. Both A and B
  4. None of these


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