Choosing a Set Up for Presentation

  • An electronic presentation program is a computer software that is used to display information.
  • A presentation can have several slides, which can be displayed one after another.
  • The places on the slide where we can click and type text for the presentation are called placeholders.
  • The font, size, alignment, etc. will be same as that of the placeholder text, unless we change them.
  • We can select the layout of a slide by selecting appropriate choice from Slide Layout task pane.
  • A slide can contain non-text content too, like – chart, clip art, media clips, etc.
  • We can apply formatting to the text in the slide – we can change the fonts and their associated features; we can apply bullets or numbers; and we can decide on the paragraph alignments.
  • We can copy or move the content of a slide, or even the slide itself.
  • There are three views – normal view to design presentation, slide sorter view to arrange the order in which slides will appear, and finally the Slide Show view is used while delivering the talk.
  • If we don't like the way our slides look, we can use Slide Design to improve them. We can apply a slide design to selected slides, or to all slides in the presentation.
  • The way various items appear on the slide during a slide show is decided by the Animation that is applied. We can select preset animation schemes, or decide on our own using custom animation option.
  • Apart from the items in the slide, we can control the way the slide itself appears during the slide show. This is done using slide transitions facility.
  • Instead of listing out raw data, we can insert a chart in the presentation to make the data more meaningful to the audience.
  • We can create hyperlinks on slides to connect it to other slides in the same or different presentation, or even to a file or a website.
  • To facilitate navigation from one slide to another, we can include action buttons in our slides.
  • AutoShapes can be used to get the audience's attention to certain points in the presentation.
  •  A presentation file can be made to run on a computer system not having the presentation software (Pack and Go).


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