Client Side Scripting Language

Client Side Scripting Language

Client-side JavaScript refers to JavaScript code that gets executed by the web browser on the client machine. JavaScript statements can be embedded in a HTML document that can respond to events such as mouse clicks, form input, and page navigation etc. without any network connection.

Introduction Java Script:

JavaScript was created by Brendan Eich and it came into existence in September 1995, when Netscape 2.0 (a web browser) was released.

JavaScript was designed with a purpose to make web pages dynamic and more interactive. JavaScript is one of the popular scripting languages having following features :

(a) It can be used for client and server applications.

(b) It is platform independent which means it can run on any operating systems (i.e. Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X etc.).

(c) JavaScript codes are needed to be embedded or referenced into HTML documents then only it can run on a web browser.

(d) It is an interpreted language.

(e) It is a case-sensitive language and its keywords are in lowercase only.

Client Server Model

Before stepping ahead, we should know about the Node, Client and Server.


Node is a component or terminal connected to a network. The components like laptops, PDAs, Internet enabled mobiles etc., can be considered as node in a computer network.


It is a node computer that establishes connection with the server, collects data from the user, sends it to the server, receives information from the server and presents it to the user.


In the context of client-server model, server is the counter part of client. It is a computer that serves queries from the client. The programs which respond to the request of clients are known as server applications. The computer designed to run server application is known as server machine. Web server, database server and mail server are some examples of servers.

The Client Server Model is an architecture of computer network where client and server interact by means of a network. Client gathers data from the user as input and sends request to the server. Server processes the request and sends the requested information to the client. Railway reservation system, online banking and online gaming are examples of client-server model.

Qus. 1 : Angular js is a type of open source framework for

  1. Front end
  2. Back end
  3. Full end
  4. All of above


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