Making use of Editors

Making use of Editors

Using editors: Before we can use the editor, we must have installed it in our PC. So whether it is Notepad++ or it is Sublime Text, first we install it by running its executable setup (.exe) file. Once installation is complete, we get an icon on the desktop and an item in the start menu for opening it.

Creating a file: Creating a file in a code editor is not as similar as creating a file in notepad or MS Word or PageMaker or other applications. We create a file in a code editor as a program. It may be written in any programming language supported by the code editor.

A code editor quickly recognizes the syntax of the language as we save the file with the proper extension.

Editing a file: Editing a file in a code editor simply means- editing / updating or debugging code. Since code editors have support of many programming languages, we get suggestions about the keywords, statements, operations, functions etc. concurrently as we type our code. For most of the times, these suggestions are accurate. 

The ultimate benefit is a fast and error-free typing of code.

Saving a file: Before we start coding in the new file, we must have saved the file with appropriate extension following the steps as given below:

1. Click on ‘File’ menu and then click on ‘New’.

2. A new file is created. Now again click on ‘File’ menu and then click on ‘Save’.

3. A ‘save as’ dialog box appears. Provide a file name along with proper extension. Ex.- for an html file extension will be ‘.htm’ or ‘.html’.

4. Click on save. The file is saved and the language has been recognized by the code editor.

A code of a recognized language turns in to multiple colours. Different colours define different elements of the syntax.


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