How the Website Works

How the Website Works

Step 1: Hosting

The first step in constructing a website is to decide about the web hosting provider for your site.

There are several types of Web hosting options you can choose from such as:

Free Web hosts: Most people want to go for free Web hosting. On one hand it is free but on the other hand, you don’t always get much space, due to low bandwidth.

Search a Web Hosting Provider: These are the links to other sites for finding a good host for your site.

Step 2: Domain Name

You can plan your website in two ways: using a domain name and without using a domain name. You can put up a site on free hosting or even paid hosting plans. A domain name provides extra branding for your site and makes it easier for people to remember the URL.

Step 3: Plan Your Website

After deciding the domain and your URL, you can start planning your site. You need to decide the audience aimed at.

Select the type of site: Most websites are either news/information, product, or reference sites. Each has a different focus. A site must have formal language, where as a personal site can use slang and an informal tone.

Step 4: Build Your Website Page by Page

For building a website you need to work on one page at a time. To build your site you should be familiar with the key elements of the site as discussed above.

Step 5: Publish Your Website

After the completion of the design now it is the time to publish your website on web. You can do this either with the tools using your hosting service or with FTP clients. Knowing which you can use depends upon your hosting provider.

Step 6: Promote Your Website

There are many ways to promote a website such as web search engine, word of mouth, email, and advertising. You build your Web content so that it ranks well in commonly used search engines. This can be difficult, but it is inexpensive and can result in good results if you work at it.

Step 7: Maintain Your Website

Maintenance is the last step of constructing a site which helps in keeping your site updated with the latest trends of market. In order to keep your site going well and looking good,you need to test your site frequently. And you should also work on content development on a regular basis.


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